Wednesday, May 23, 2018 Latest Real Estate News
Federal Housing Administration
Wells Fargo Holds Homebuyers Assistance Program
  • Credit Remains Biggest Hurdle for Millennials
  • It is acknowledged as the biggest hurdle first time homebuyers have to face in the real estate market. The stringent rules of loans and mortgage credit, as a byproduct of the recent recession, has made many millennials think twice to buy a home. According to a report from, while financial institutions are paying the price for their misconduct during the mortgage crisis, millennials too are paying the price.
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President Obama Makes Announcement On 26 Billion Dollar Award For 2 Million Homeowners
  • The FHA Financing Issue: Appraisal or Home Inspection
  • This similarity and confusion is very important when it comes to Federal Housing Administration financing or FHA financing. When applying for the said loan, an FHA appraiser conducts a visit to make observations as well as judgments on the state and condition of the home.
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Mortgage Assistance Group Counselors Helps South Floridian Home Owners
Global Warming Reports Paint Dire Picture Of Florida's Coastline
Condo Construction Boom Continues In Chicago
August Existing Home Sales Drop To Lowest Level In 7 Months
JP Morgan Chase To Close 300 Branches Nationwide