Monday, July 22, 2019 Latest Real Estate News
General Views of United Arab Emirates
  • Dubai New Investment Venue for Chinese
  • Chinese investors, seeking investment havens, have put their money into commercial units and luxury properties throughout the world, such as the United States, Australia, New Zealand and Mauritius. Many have started to expand into the European and other Asian property markets as well.
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Shanghai Composite Index Declines Below 3,000 Points On Wednesday
'Ghost City' City In Chongqing
  • Ghost Cities Reveal China’s Real Estate Glut
  • The real estate glut in China can be seen through its new ghost cities: Dongling, Nanguan, Kerqin, Saihan, Yijinhuoluoqi, Yuhong. They were discovered by a Peking University study which utilized Baidu data to discover cities with major housing developments that search engine's users were not visiting very often. The rationale was that if no one went to these places, then there was a possibility that they were vacant. These ghost towns were systematically built at the peak of China's urbanization boom.
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Shenzhen One Of The Fastest Growing Cities In The World
Scenes Of Singapore
Shenzhen One Of The Fastest Growing Cities In The World
China's Central Bank Lifts 2nd Home Mortgage Down Payment
Population Dense Hong Kong
Banks Reveal Soar In Profits As Investment Banking Booms
House Prices Are Stagnant In London
2007 Xian Autumn Real Estate Trade Fair
2011 Beijing Summertime Real Estate Trade Show
China's Real Estate Is At A Low Tide
Residents Visit A Real Estate Fair In Beijing
Home Prices Rise Sharply In May