Saturday, June 15, 2019 Latest Real Estate News
Jose Marc Castro
Home Sales Dip 2.7 Percent In August After Four Months Of Gains
New Home Sales Up Despite Rising Mortgage Rates
  • Mortgage Applications Rise By 10 Percent
  • The current measure of mortgage application volumes, called the Market Composite Index, had risen on a seasonally adjusted basis from the previous week's reports. This was the highest increase since February 2016 and many predict further increases down the road.
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Houston Scenics
Metro Construction Prepares Delhi For Commonwealth Games
  • India's Real Estate Bill Nearing Approval
  • Amongst the features of the proposed bill include quotes based on carpet area instead of floor area. Stiffer penalties would be imposed on project developers that deviate more than 10 percent from the submitted building plan. The biggest imposition is that developers cannot change anything, even the layout, without obtaining 2/3 vote of the buyers.
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Toronto Bids Hard for the 2008 SUmmer Olympics
  • Foreign Funds for Real Estate Contracting Worldwide
  • This comes amidst major criticism received by the agency for its lack of data about money entering the local real estate market from foreign countries. This is important to determine if such funding was the cause for the soaring home prices seen in major metropolitan markets such as Vancouver and Toronto.
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Toronto Scenic Shots
  • Envy Pervades Toronto Housing Market
  • There has been a tradition in the Toronto housing market every spring season. According to a report from The Globe and Mail, many real agents see that buyers get 'enthusiastic' with listings of properties when they find out there have been inquiries made on them.
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Mortgage Bankers Hold Nat'l Conference in S.F
  • Mortgage Applications Fall 4.3% for January
  • Refinance volume had been moving upwards in the past few weeks and for the same period above, fell by 8 percent from the previous week. This seasonally adjusted rating also took into consideration the recent holiday.
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August Home Sales Rise Sharply
  • New Home Sales for January Well Below Initial Estimates
  • The pronouncement was made by the US Commerce Department, in a statement made last Wednesday where the sales volume had fell to a seasonally adjusted volume of 494,000 homes. This translates to a 9.2 percent drop, which was nearly as much as the gains made for December 2015. For the said month of December, sales pace was pegged at 544,000 houses.
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New Study Names San Francisco As Most Expensive To Buy A Home
US Home Prices Drop To New Lows
Hmong Thai Refugees Start New Life In U.S.
San Francisco Area Leads Nation In High Rents
  • Expansion Bid Claims Home Swap Rival
  • UK-based start-up Love Home Swap has acquired Dutch-based HomeForExchange, according to a report from CNBC. The British start-up firm allows an owner to swap homes of similar size and value with another homeowner.
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Views Of Ho Chi Minh City 40 Years After Fall Of Saigon
Melbournians Flock To The Beaches During Heatwave
ASEAN - China Foreign Ministers Meeting
  • Deflation Expected in 2016 for Asian Property Market
  • Real estate brokerage firms have forecasted that the Asia Pacific region will undergo deflation by 2016. According to a recent report from Focus Taiwan, the projected decrease in the growth of Mainland China's consumer index will contribute to the overall slowdown in the Asia Pacific region.
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