Friday, May 24, 2019 Latest Real Estate News
Mortgages & Markets
Average House Price In The UK Rises 8% In The Year
House Prices Are Stagnant In London
Mortgage Workshops Set Up To Help Wachovia And Wells Fargo Customers
August Home Sales Rise Sharply
Construction Boom Continues In Singapore Despite Asia's Recent Downturn
  • OCBC to Offer Home Loans at a Rate of 1.63 Percent
  • The home seekers in Singapore can now enjoy more options in getting their home loans. Through the present implementation of personal finance portal, there is now an opportunity to avail of an OCBC Bank (Oversea-Chinese Banking Corp) home loan for a short period of time.
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Property Prices Continue To Increase
Chancellor To Revise Planning Laws On Brownfield Sites To Boost New Home Construction
Salcombe Becomes The Most Expensive Coastal Town In The UK To Buy A House
Permit Filings For New Construction Drastically Dropped In February
Britain's Largest Lender Raises Mortgage Rate For New Borrowers
New Build Houses Remain Unsold Despite Financial Incentives
Increase In Council Houses Being Bought Through Right To Buy
The Growing Economy Of Dubai
New Zealand Government Increase Rates and Government Valuation
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