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Sales Of Existing Homes In July Reached Prerecession Levels
  • $231B Funds from Private Real Estate Nowhere For Spending
  • Private real estate funds had acquired more money to spend than ever before. However that was not necessarily positive news for the current real estate market. According to research firm Preqin, as of March, global private real estate investment funds had $231 billion in capital commitments from fund investors ready for easy spending. This was the highest in history and 10 percent more than December.
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Cleveland's COOPs
  • Ohio Real Estate Remains Positive In Q1 2016
  • Ohio real estate was healthiest in Columbus, Dayton and Cleveland which were among the top 10 housing markets in the country. A Nationwide's latest Health of Housing Markets report found that Dayton had the nation's most stable housing market, followed by Yakima, Wash.; Cleveland; Saginaw, Mich.; and Syracuse, N.Y. Columbus ranked No. 10.
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August Existing Home Sales Drop To Lowest Level In 7 Months
  • S&P/Case-Shiller: Home Prices Up 5.7% in January
  • Home price appreciation in metropolitan areas in the U.S. kept pace with recent gains in the first month of the year as inventory remained low. The S&P/Case-Shiller 20-City Composite Index increased by 5.7 percent in January as compare from last year. This was roughly in line with most economists' expectations.
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Vancouver 2010 Preview
Egyptian Tourist Destinations Struggle After Months Of Civil Unrest
  • Egyptian Property Demand Boosts Further
  • The Egypt property boom brought good news to Hisham Naguib and his sales team at the Cairo-based real-estate company Mountain View. With units already snapped up long before they were completed, last week's evaluation of the Egyptian compound boosted demand even further.
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Las Vegas Strip 'Business as Usual'
Governor Snyder: #NewPipesForFlint
Cable & Wireless
SAINT LAURENT At The Palladium - Arrivals
  • Hollywood Palladium Towers Approved Amidst Opposition
  • Hollywood Palladium Towers is a mixed-residence slated for construction. It was dubbed as a shining example of excessive spending by advocates of the Neighborhood Integrity Initiative. However, despite the threat of the anti-development initiative on a future ballot, the Los Angeles City Council proceeded to approve the highly divisive two-tower project.
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Presidential Candidates Address AIPAC Policy Conference
Travel Destination: Western USA
The Passion
Auto Club Speedway - Auto Club 400 Qualifying
First Anniversary Of Help To Buy
  • Commercial Real Estate Better, Safer Than Stocks
  • Commercial real estate has become the fourth largest asset class in the United States behind stocks, bonds and cash. Over the last few decades, however, institutional investors represented only 10 percent of their holdings with regards to investments in commercial properties.
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NYC City Council Bill Aims To Reduce Energy Usage By Limiting Lighting Of Empty Buildings At Night
  • U.S. Taxes 2016: Texas Has Lowest Burden on Citizens
  • With tax day coming closer, citizens have begun griping about why taxes are incredulously high in their states. The gut feeling of those who live in New York, New Jersey or Connecticut are spot on. Residents of the Golden State, on the other hand, are better off than New Yorkers, and Texans have everyone feeling jealous.
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