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New York Construction Boom Cut Short By Economic Crisis
  • NY Real Estate Market: Luxury Real Estate Is Dropping
  • New York real estate market had seen some recent developments, beginning with Toronto's Urbancorp which discreetly cancelled previous work in a condo complex, rather than convert the projects into rental apartments. This move had been among the first signs that the demand for the luxury real estate was dropping.
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Daily Life In Abu Dhabi C
General Views of United Arab Emirates
  • UPC Plans To Unveil Real Estate Approvals at Upcoming Cityscape
  • UPC will reportedly launch a new online street design application. The council revealed a draft of new developments that had gone through detailed planning approval. Senior executives had announced detailed reports of key developments that will push for urban landscape improvement in Abu Dhabi Emirate.
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Vancouver Scenics
'Ghost City' City In Chongqing
  • Ghost Cities Reveal China’s Real Estate Glut
  • The real estate glut in China can be seen through its new ghost cities: Dongling, Nanguan, Kerqin, Saihan, Yijinhuoluoqi, Yuhong. They were discovered by a Peking University study which utilized Baidu data to discover cities with major housing developments that search engine's users were not visiting very often. The rationale was that if no one went to these places, then there was a possibility that they were vacant. These ghost towns were systematically built at the peak of China's urbanization boom.
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Oslo Attempts To Return To Normal After The Extremeist Attack
BART Strike Hampers Bay Area Monday Morning Commute
Toronto 2015 Pan Am Games - Opening Ceremony
Teresa And Joe Giudice Court Appearance
Miami Real Estate Continues Streak Of Monthly Sales And Price Increases
  • Miami’s Luxury Real-estate Boom Due to Money Laundering?
  • Miami's luxury real-estate company Isaias 21 Property splurged nearly $3 million in cash for an ocean front Bal Harbour condo at the end of 2011. But it was not clear who really bought the three-bedroom unit at the newly constructed St. Regis, a luxury high-rise that pampered residents with 24-hour room service and personal butlers.
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India's Emerging Middle Class
Spanish Banks Announce Two Year Freeze Of Mortgage Evictions In Cases Of Extreme Need
  • Sareb Tries to Improve Spain Real Estate Sales
  • Spain real estate sales entered its third consecutive year of losses last Thursday, coming further short of its prediction to make an initial profit in its second year. It had eaten deeper into its capital reserves which was set up to clean up the finance sector.
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August Existing Home Sales Drop To Lowest Level In 7 Months
  • Real Estate: Not Safe From Inflation Threat
  • Real estate inflation had already been on the minds of this year due to the increasing energy prices. Federal Reserve cost experimentation will most likely inflict a new major inflation on the U.S., although this was much more likely happen in the next business cycle. y.
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Pittsburgh Pirates v Detroit Tigers
  • PNC Park Real Estate Values Higher Than Other Metro Areas
  • PNC Park was even friendlier to homeowners than it was to baseball pitchers. Property values near the North Shore's ballpark, which had a reputation of being kinder to pitchers than to hitters, were 33.6 percent more than the median values in the Pittsburgh metropolitan in general.
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New Home Sales Up Despite Rising Mortgage Rates
  • Sun City Real Estate Market Thriving Due To Influx Of Retirees
  • The Sun City real estate home-buying market had recently become so hot that properties with legitimately fair prices will be sold even before a for-sale sign is hammered onto the front lawn. This trend was caused by baby boomers coming into retirement age with new homes at prices within their means becoming less available. Resales had become their next preference.
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