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Aerials of Los Angeles
New Zealand Government Increase Rates and Government Valuation
New Zealand Government Increase Rates and Government Valuation
  • Halo Effect Affecting NZ Prices
  • The increase has been attributed to the 'halo effect' from purchases by first time buyers and the prices of rents from Auckland landlords. This was confirmed by Real Estate Institute Chief Executive Officer Colleen Milne, based on his firm's latest numbers.
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A street sign on a house in the Stamford Hill area of north London
Mumbai Slum Redevelopment Stalled By Financial Crisis
  • India's Most Expensive Just Got More Expensive
  • The Maharashtra government recently approved the duty hike making the stamp duty in Mumbai imposable at 6 percent. While there are still moves to limit the overall stamp duty imposable to just 5 percent, the new rate would become effective upon issuance by the government of the necessary guidelines.
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London Wealth Continues To Grow
  • London Tops Luxury Property Market
  • In numbers obtained from real estate advisory firm Knight Frank, about 2,147 homes and apartment units were sold. The prices were between $2 million and $5 million in 2009. Since then, the volume of units with a London address sold skyrocketed to 6,250. Overall, that is over three times the number of homes sold in Hong Kong, Singapore and in Sydney.
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Drone in Flight
Country Music Festival - Day 1
Mayor De Blasio And Cardinal Timothy Dolan Address Homelessness At Franciscan Friars Homeless Shelter
Homeless Veterans Get Medical Care And Supplies At 'Stand Down Event'
U.S.Treasury To Insure Money Market Mutual Funds
Consumer Prices Rise Sharply In July
  • Real Estate Market Experiences Unrealistic Price Inflation
  • As China's economy experience several economic challenges, the rest of the global market is affected by unrealistic price inflation currently rampant in the real estate market. Real estate investors are reluctant to provide their assets in the industry because of the recurring situation.
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Years Of Economic Decline Leave One Third Of Atlantic City's Resident In Poverty
  • 'Zombie' Foreclosure Haunts New Jersey
  • While the country's problem over vacant 'zombie' foreclosure is showing signs o improvements, it's different in New Jersey, which recorded the highest number of unoccupied foreclosures of its kind.
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New York Area Prepares For Super Bowl XLVIII
April Home Sales Rise As Buyers Take Advantage Of Expiring Gov't Tax Credit
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