Friday, May 24, 2019 Latest Real Estate News
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  • Boston's Real Estate Bounces Back
  • The levels of demand, supply, and current industry projections are all saying one thing: Boston's real estate market is recovering and is expected to soar in the couple of years.
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Miami Real Estate Continues Streak Of Monthly Sales And Price Increases
Vancouver Canucks v Calgary Flames
The Robin Hood Foundation's 2014 Benefit - Inside
Halloween 2012 In New York City
Credit Crunch Threatens Economy
Aerials of Los Angeles
  • LA Passes Earthquake Proof Regulations
  • The new regulations are applicable to wood frame structures with first stories. These total 13,500 scattered throughout the city and consists of pillars carrying upper floors. The rules would also cover brittle concrete buildings which could not withstand the swaying needed to retain structural integrity during an earthquake episode.
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Australia Celebrates Australia Day
  • Perth Properties Overvalued
  • The overvaluation was determined by SQM Research's Boom and Bust report. According to SQM Research Managing Director Louis Christopher, the Prices of homes in Perth are lagging behind the mining downturn. He expects the market to make an 'accelerated correction' in the coming year.
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Hong Kong Marks Handover Anniversary
  • Hong Kong Rent Rates Dimmed by China Slowdown
  • High-end brands in the luxury market have been closing its stores due to high rental prices in Hong Kong's top shopping streets since August. As a remedy, rental demand slowed down and urged the landlords to cut back on prices before China loses one of its strongest market growth contributors - the industry of luxury shopping.
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Airbnb's Value Estimated At $10 Billion After New Round Of Investments
Sotheby's Versace Auction
  • Painting Ideas: How to Choose the Right Shade for the Interior Wall of a House
  • Deciding on what to paint the interior of a house could be challenging because it should correlate to other pieces in the house. These wall painting ideas and tips will help the homeowner decide on which one will fit their wall best. There is also a newly discovered Chameleon paint that may be the solution to the dilemma of painting the wall with just one shade.
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Michelle Obama Introduces 2013 White House Holiday Decorations
First Lady Michelle Obama Hosts Preview Of Tuesday Night's State Dinner For Japanese PM
  • Interior Home Design: How To Purify Plants Inside Your House
  • Adding plants into homeowner's interior design makes the indoors appear more natural and fragrant with popping flowers. However, most have less chances of surviving indoors. 'The Ecosphere' will help the homeowner manage the indoor plants as well as tips provided below for plants that are suitable as indoor decoration.
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Dwell Magazine And Klein Financial Preview Award-Winning ASID Interior Designs Of Two Buildings Honored By LA City Council
Immigrants Become American Citizens In Naturalization Ceremony At Liberty State Park
  • Invest and Migrate to the US via the EB-5
  • The immigrant investor program (EB-5) has become even more popular among foreigners who want to secure a green card in a quicker way. By just pouring in a minimal amount to any US markets, immigrants can choose this alternative if other options don't suit them.
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