Friday, May 24, 2019 Latest Real Estate News
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Political Stand Off Affects Kenyan Tourism
House Prices Hit New High In The UK
Planning Laws Set To Be Relaxed To Encourage An Increase House Building
Southern Hemispheres Largest Travelling Ferris Wheel Attracts Visitors
House Prices Widen The North-South Divide
Las Vegas Area Hit Hardest By Foreclosures
Construction In London
One World Trade Center Becomes Tallest Building In New York
S&P Index Shows Continued Rise In Home Prices
New Housing Construction Slows
The Queen Victoria & Queen Elizabeth II Rendezvous In Sydney Harbour
  • Australia's Luxury Real Estate Sales of 2015
  • In terms of sales and profits, 2015 had its share of both good times and bad ones. For Australia, and even for Melbourne, luxury real estate sales were something to reckon with it due to the luxurious and pricey real estate deals.
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South Africa Reflects Legacy Of Nelson Mandela
One World Trade Center Deemed Tallest Building In North America
Vacancy Rates On Manhattan Commercial Space Rise Sharply
Credit Crisis To Impact Consumer Spending
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