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House Design: Dark Modern Home in Norway Showcases Impressive, Unusual Architecture

Posted by Aliza Xandria Arellano on Oct 08, 2015 06:10 AM EDT
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General view of the surrounding countryside during the Winter Olympics in Lillehammer, Norway. (Photo : Shaun Botterill / Staff Getty Images Sport )

With regards to house design, one particular dark modern home in Norway shows remarkable beauty and stunning designs that are impressive and unique in its own way.

The home is located in Bergen, Norway. It is famously known as the Villa S. Saunders Architecture designed the Villa S home. This architectural firm brings together diversity in terms of its designs and construction process. Led by a strong contemporary design sensibility, the studio believes that architecture must play an important role in creating place, using form, materials and texture to help evoke and shape memory and human interaction as stated in the Company's Official Website.

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The home is not only amazing but it is situated in one of the most beautiful places here on earth. Norway is best known for its scenic nature attractions and it seems that the home is attracting people from all across the globe as well.

The Villa S home provides the opportunity to enjoy nature at its best. It was designed without limits. According to Freshome, "One vertical and two horizontal elements shape the architecture imagined for this spacious family home in the suburbs of Bergen." Up a steep, narrow driveway, the first glimpse of the home stuns the viewer and it is dressed in black-stained wood cladding, giving Villa S a powerful design statement as further noted by Freshome.

According to Saunders, the architect that designed this home, "A vertical stack containing stairs and circulation is bisected by a vast horizontal beam that forms the core of the house." Saunders further said, "The kitchen is at its heart and one end is supported by a generous utility area that is set at right angles to the main structure."

The home also boasts of flat roofs and amazing panoramic views of nature. According to description given by Freshome, "The structure of this dark modern home is set on an east-west alignment, this ensures that it visually fits in with the neighbourhood, and its huge windows can easily frame views of both the distant harbor city and the steep, rocky hillside."

When it comes homes that are unusual and yet beautiful, the Villa S home is the forerunner. It's structural designs are one of a kind and it is a home to be reckoned with, not only in this generation but for the coming years as well.

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