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Dubai Maintenance Issues Reaches Flashpoint

Posted by Staff Reporter on Apr 27, 2016 09:54 AM EDT
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DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES - SEPTEMBER 15: A 'For Sale' sign is displayed outside a residential property in Jumeirah Village Circle on September 15, 2015 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. (Photo : Francois Nel/Getty Images)

Since the third quarter of 2015, many of the current tenants in many of Dubai's developments have aired their gripes and complaints over the sad state of maintenance of their leased or purchased units. In a previous report from ArabianBusiness, about 80 percent of residents had experienced at least one maintenance problem according to a survey by

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These maintenance issues include broken down airconditioning units, which was the highest number of complaints as recorded by the survey. Other issues include sewage being backed up, electrical problems, thin walls and defective water heating equipment. Another major issue, especially with villa residents, were bursting water pipes, leaving the residence without running water for a period of time. The list goes on and on, not just for the residents surveyed but for many others suffering silently in Dubai.

One such complainant is a Dubai tenant residing in a UAD400,000 villa. According to a report from The National, the said resident had lived in the villa for two years now and for the last ten months, the family had to suffer no hot water on tap. Furthermore, they had to endure two major water leaks in the two years. While this is a landlord issue, the tenant was forced to pay the Dewa bills for the water leakage.

Despite repeated requests for reimbursements for the bills they had to cover, the management company had not heeded their requests. Then it came to a point where no water on tap was available to them. The tenant then sent a notice that the company was in breach of contract and had sought termination of the lease contract.

These are but some of the horror stories endured by often middle class tenants earning a living in the Emirate. While there have been moves to correct these practices, authorities have been hard pressed to penalize the erring developers and maintenance providers.

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