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Make the Most of Real Estate Listings By Learning What To Pay Attention To

Posted by Staff Reporter on Mar 31, 2016 07:32 AM EDT
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A real estate agent displays its current listings in their shop window May 17, 2006 in Auckland, New Zealand. Despite the recent increase in home mortgage rates, house sales volumes fell by a quarter last month, but the median house price continued to rise, hitting a record high of $305,000. (Photo : Getty Images/Phil Walter)

A real estate listing will have great importance when selling or purchasing a home. It provides all the needed details to make an offer, the legal description, cost, terms and other important information. It will also act as a marketing tool to encourage buyers and attract interest towards the property. Also, the listing will specify the listing brokerage contact details.

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The listing realtor will provide photos, room sizes and information to help anonymous buyers who are scoping the internet to find out if the property could meet their requirements or not.

The real estate listing photos will also aid the buyer in determining the condition of the property. The listing will usually be specific with regards to details such as number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and whether there will be a basement. These details will be searchable.

The photos will be clear and not taken with a smartphone. If the corner of a room, or one third of the vanity will be visible, most buyers will see this as a warning signal, according to a feature from Canada AM.

The language in the listing will also be revealing. For example, if the listing will describe it as a property offered for the first time in 30 years, the house will most likely be dated.

Most homebuyers will not purchase real estate online. They will need to visit the property and walk around the neighbourhood to gauge what the area will be like and to see what will be across the street.

A real estate listing cannot reveal the smell, feel and experience of the home online. It will just act as a guideline to help home buyers sift through the various listings available. Home buyers will also be aware of the as is clause because this will mean that there will be no warranties and they will not know what they will buy, according to a feature from Business Standard.

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