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2-Bedroom Rental Ad Goes Viral Due To Anti-Trump Credo

Posted by Staff Reporter on Mar 24, 2016 10:34 AM EDT
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2-Bedroom rentals that are dog-friendly, hot tub-equipped, with organic garden space, and located in Grand Junction, CO are hard to come by. Well, a landlord has recently advertised just that, but the accommodations are not for Donald Trump supporters.

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Mark Holmes, a former real estate agent, recently started a debacle when he mixed politics and real estate in advertising his $700 per month rental unit next to his renovated century-old home on Main Street this month.

The online ad stated that dogs were allowed in the unit if they had good references, but those voting for Donald Trump are prohibited to rent. Holmes claimed he was afraid that if he let a Trump advocate move in, he would get a tenant with the exact same personality. The 62-year-old said that when he watched Trump on TV, the mogul does not even try to be nice. Furthermore, he claimed that the billionaire only spewed hate and venom. He also said that he does not get why people are buying into Trump's ideals, according to

However, Republicans can relax as he is not a fan of Hillary Clinton either. But he is willing to cash in the checks of one of her devotees.

Since news of the ad went viral, Holmes said he had been getting a flood of messages from angry supporters of the former "Celebrity Apprentice" star. He even claimed to have gotten hate calls.

But the landlord was not bothered by the haters.  He said he was not breaking any laws with his anti-Trump ad. Whether aspiring renters agree or not, political inclinations do not fall into a federally protected group, according to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Even the age and sexual orientation of a potential renter is not protected, according to

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