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'Hoot' Author Carl Hiaasen Lists Islamorada Waterfront Home For $3.4M

Posted by Staff Reporter on Mar 24, 2016 10:36 AM EDT
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Actor Luke Wilson and writer Carl Hiaasen (R) attend the premiere of 'Hoot' at the Grove Theatre April 15, 2006 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo : Getty Images/Mark Mainz)

"Hoot" writer Carl Hiaasen's waterfront home in Islamorada, FL was recently listed for  $3.4 million. Filled with all the delights of island life, the abode was the setting for "Florida Keys," one of the author's best-selling works.

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As a nearly lifelong Florida resident, the author began his writing career as an investigative journalist before opting for fiction. His novels had been immortalized in Jimmy Buffett's "Tourist Season," whose main character starred in Buffett's song "The Ballad of Skip Wiley." His works had also inspired movies like "Hoot," starring Logan Lerman and Brie Larson.

Hiaasen's gated, six-bedroom house offers all the sweeping ocean views the area can offer. It also comes with a cabana and pool. Clean white interiors let the sun play its role, and a wide breezy layout makes the home feel bright and welcoming. An abundance of decks make outdoor areas easily accessible. Most decks are covered with screens to prevent mosquito bites. While the 1.85-acre property is mostly designed for sun and fun, there is enough room for relaxation among the palm trees and landscaped hedges, according to

Meanwhile, as a devastating deluge of polluted water darkened two coasts of Florida and threatened their tourist economies, Hiaasen had criticized Gov. Rick Scott for his actions.

Billions of gallons mixed with agricultural waste was pumped from Lake Okeechobee towards the Atlantic Ocean. This made the blue coastal waters turn brown, choked sea grass beds and crippled small businesses that depended on a healthy marine ecosystem.

Hiaasen said that Scott, who plans to be a U.S. senator, either had no clue how the appropriations process worked. Furthermore, Hiaasen said that the governor used brainless tactics to duck responsibility. Being a Republican himself, the author stated that Scott should fly straight to Washington and convince his colleagues to reconstruct the lake dike and fund a flow-way for the excess water, according to TBO

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