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Real Estate Technology: 5 Google Tools for Real Estate Businesses and Why They Are Important

Posted by GAbragan on Mar 01, 2016 06:46 AM EST
Google Opens New Berlin Office more big
Employees listen to a speaker on September 26, 2012 at the official opening party of the Google offices in Berlin, Germany. Although the American company holds 95% of the German search engine market share and already has offices in Hamburg and Munich, its new offices on the prestigious Unter den Linden avenue are its first in the German capital. The Internet giant has been met with opposition in the country recently by the former president's wife, who has sued it based on search results for her name that she considers derogative. The European Commission has planned new data privacy regulations in a country where many residents opted in to have their homes pixeled out when the company introduced its Street View technology. (Photo : Adam Berry/Getty Images)

The need to create innovative techniques that the real estate industry can use to attract Millennials has never been as high as the recent months. Unlike the previous generations, real estate transactions are now happening online.

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With Google occupying the top most rank of effective search engines, it is the best place to deal business with potential clients and maximize the potential of online presence. Regardless of whether the aim is to cast the net into a wider population and generate referrals or provide real-time projections, Google can be of help, iBlog Magazine reported. The following are different Google tools real estate agents can utilize in their everyday transactions.

Google Drive

Google Drive is designed for easy online storage. Here, the agents can upload and download documents, forms, presentations, spreadsheets, templates, etc. They can also share uploaded files on their respective drives and select individuals who they want to collaborate with them.


Go Mobile checks if the real estate agent's site is mobile-friendly. There are perks when the real estate website is mobile-friendly, such as more exposure. About 67 percent of mobile users say that when they are on a mobile-friendly site, they are more likely to purchase a site's product.

Google Alerts

Google Alerts give notifications every time the business name is mentioned online. Simply go to the page, pick the result type, the desired notification frequency and where they should be delivered.

Google Voice

With Google Voice, agents can set up an online voicemail that transcribes messages and sends them to your inbox for free. Anyone can download the app to their phone and use either a cell number or Google Voice number when making calls. This makes transferring calls to another agent easier, especially when the person is on leave. An agent can also keep their business' number different their cell number, but still have the accessibility and convenience of using their handsets, Break Through Broker reported.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is an online calendar that syncs across all of the agent's devices. They can also create multiple calendars within the calendar, all organized by different colors. Additionally, real estate agents can share specific calendars with certain people and view other people's public calendars, in return.

Google has numerous useful features that real estate agents can use for their daily transactions. Anyone can even create their own custom apps if they want to. 

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