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Edinburgh Real Estate Market Presents a Wide Range of Opportunities for Investors Across UK

Posted by Vanilou Jane Gucor on Feb 09, 2016 09:01 AM EST
Company HQ For Over 500 Businesses Is A Flat On A Rundown Edinburgh Estate more big
Caption:EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND - OCTOBER 08: A general view of a Pilton flat which has over 500 companies registered at the address on October 8, 2015 in Edinburgh,Scotland. Concerns over the ground floor flat in Royston Mains Street in Pilton being linked to a mysterious firm with the right to collect vast sums of money, allegedly stolen from the former Soviet republic of Moldova. (Photo : Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

As reported by the Global Real Estate Experts, the City of Edinburgh Council is said to be the biggest landowner and proprietor of many of the iconic buildings in Edinburgh. Much of its ownership includes various old buildings that were built before 1919.

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The council's Corporate Asset Strategy aims to deliver a much better quality estate as the council unlocked new development opportunities in Edinburgh through the release of judicially decided property and surplus land. 

Additionally, the council has helped the most essential innovations in Edinburgh by merging its resources with those of key landholders. This, in turn, fulfilled the market gap for sites in logically important destinations such as King's Stables Road and Torphichen Street. These deals have drawn the interest of many investors. The said offer is expected to produce numerous new homes coupled with new hotels, offices, retail and leisure units.

On top of that, resting on the achievements of the 21st Century Homes house building program, the planned "Edinburgh Homes" venture will start to see the council develop a company action by providing 1,500 new homes for rent annually. On the other hand, the newly-created City Strategic Investment Fund provides capital for projects that help strengthen the city's overall economy.

According to, Edinburgh St. James is among the biggest regeneration projects in the UK. Edinburgh St James is a 1.7 million-square-foot city center development and is set to provide the Scottish capital with up to 850,000 square feet for five-star hotel accommodations, prime retail space and roughtly 250 private residential apartments.

Edinburgh St. James city center will likely provide an exciting and vibrant place to live, stroll and shop. The construction is scheduled to start this year and will be completed in 2020. This new development project is set to put Edinburgh on the global map as one of the top leisure and international retail destinations.  

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