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Family Home Crafts Ideas That Make The House In-Season This Fall

Posted by Leian Kae L. Naduma on Oct 13, 2015 07:20 AM EDT
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Homemade family crafts usually is a fun thing to create and a good excuse to start the holidays, or make it as a random activity to bond with family members after eating dinner. Not only does it let the family do something while doing some bonding, but it also makes a good addition to the home interior design for the fall season.

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As reported by Realty Times, these family homemade crafts are fun designs that could entice every family as they spruce up the house in time for Halloween. Usually, when children say Halloween, they would think pumpkin heads. However, it takes great skill to craft one and could be dangerous, especially when the kids making them are not experts in utilizing the knife with the fruit.

As a remedy, the family can instead make Mason Jar Pumpkins that looks like pumpkin heads but does not need that much skill in carving to create.

The materials that will be needed for this homemade family craft are masking tape, a jar, frosted glass spray paint, and tea light candles or battery-operated light to make it more manageable.

The first thing to do is to cut out eyes shapes from the masking tape and place them on top of the jar. Next is to spray the jar with the glass spray paint to add a spooky touch to the craft. Afterward, place a tea candle or a battery-operated light inside and... voila! A revolutionized pumpkin head.

Another idea is by making paper bag trees. This craft only require items such as watercolor paints, coffee filters and hot glue gun with sticks.

First thing to do is to paint the coffee filters with whatever color the kids and you agree on and let it dry. Afterwards, cut out leaf shapes to form a tree out of the paper bag. Next is to cut bands from thee bag and leave the base part untouched.

Next is to separate the branches from the leaves and screw the item to make it appear like a tree. Then, attach the coffee filter leaves to the paper bag tree branches by using the hot glue gun. Then, the homemade tree is perfect to utilize as an interior home design craft.

There are also events in certain neighborhoods wherein the crafts that they made with family can be featured. As reported by Irish Mirror, they hold the Hullabaloo - Offaly's Children's Arts Festival were the children can showcase those homemade interior fall home design family crafts can be shown off.

From bonding time with family to creating homemade family crafts to utilize as a home decoration during the holidays, these interior home design tips not only make the homeowner save on buying pricey stuff to decorate at home but can also inspire bonding time with the family during the fall season.

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