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Home Design Tips: How To Maintain Your Home For Autumn Easily

Posted by Leian Kae L. Naduma on Oct 09, 2015 07:30 AM EDT
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LEDGEWOOD, NJ - MARCH 24: Giovannia Nichols, 78, wathes as 'Operation Fix-It' technician Martin Grossman repairs a weatherizes her bedroom window on March 24, 2014 in Ledgewood, New Jersey. Nichols, who's husband died almost a year ago, has been aided by the program for some 14 years. 'Operation Fix-It', run by Hope House, a division of the non-for-profit Catholic Family and Community Services, provides home repair services for seniors and people with disabilities in Morris County, New Jersey. Repair services, such as weatherization, plumbing, carpentry, masonry and electrical are charged on a sliding scale for low income residents and are free for seniors living on a fixed Social Security income. (Photo : John Moore/Getty Images)

Autumn comes with it the cold season. When the weather is cold, so does the need for extra energy to keep the indoors warm and to keep the exteriors from being ravaged by the ice. These home design tips should aid the regular homeowner on what to keep tabs on come the autumn season to maintain quality, efficiency and sturdiness in the home.

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As reported by Realtor Mag, when the seasons change, corresponding changes should also be instilled into a home, especially when the goal is to keep it damage-free. Not only does season of autumn bring with it the uncomfortable cold, it also signals a possible disruption in your outdoor and indoor items of the home.

First off, the indoors should be spic and span, made suitable for the cold. Make sure that the windows and doors of the property is energy efficient by replacing summer screens with storm shutters, or check the weather stripping of the doors.

Next is to update the batteries of your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detector. To make sure that it would withstand the cold, it would also be advisable to replace them altogether to survive the cold.

Since autumn also brings the Halloween and Christmas season, decorating the indoors according to these themes would also make the home appear more updated.

For the exteriors, clean out the gutters ahead of time and survey the roof to possible leaks when the winter weather would get too cold for it to stand sturdy. Furthermore, it would also be advisable to turn off or seal the outdoor hoses to prevent the water from freezing during the season.

Since autumn would also be darker most of the time, instill new light bulbs into and outside the house to maintain functionality inside the home.

Since the cold would also enable the pests and rodents to find a warm place to inhabit during the season, Bob Villa reported that the best way is to seal those holes in the house that these pests and rodents could use as an entrance. Also make sure that the sealants are study enough to withstand their strength to tear it apart.

Furthermore, installing door sweeps and repairing damaged screens would also serve as a blockage for their entries.

With these house maintenance and home design tips to keep the property safe for autumn, would enable every homeowner to make sure that the property would still be standing and spic and span, ready for the next weather.

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